Lighting Equipment List

Moving head spot

     50W High Output LED Moving Head that produces a spot and
     a frost (wash) effect
     RDMX - Remote DMX addressing (Change DMX values
     remotely from any DMX console)
     7 Rotating, Interchangeable Gobos + Spot (5 metal + 2 glass
     gobos) with SLOCK™ (Slide Lock) gobo changing system
     7 Colors + UV Filter + White
     Independent gobo and color wheels
     12 Ch. or 14 Ch. DMX Modes
     4 operational modes: DMX, Master/Slave, Stand Alone &
     Sound Active
     Prism Wheel: 3-Facet or Infinite
     Frost Effect (Wash)
     Pan/Tilt (8-Bit) + Fine Pan/Tilt (16-Bit)
     Metal Gobo size: 26.7mm (25mm viewable gobo size;
     thickness: 0.3mm)
     Glass Gobo size: 26.6mm (23.8mm viewable gobo size;
     thickness: 2mm)
     Dimming: 0% - 100%
     13-degree beam angle
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