To meet the ever growing and ever changing demands of the high end video industry,Focus Vision has recently invested in an astonishing range of projectors. Available for hire they will comfortably suit every budget and event specification.
Ranging from your benchmark boardroom projector for an intimate roomful of people,outdoor or building projection, we have what you need and everything in between.
Our projectors can be hired on a single days’ basis or for long term tours or multiple events. Our technical staff will be happy to work with you from the outset to ensure the vision you are striving for becomes a reality. We are trained to understand what is required to meet the conditions of any event, inside or outside, large or small. We understand the complex variations when determining how many people are attending your event and we can ensure you have the correct image size and a striking layout. We can assess all your options and advise you on the possibility of multiple screens or even eye-catching projector blends. If you come to us with a vision for your next projector hire in Pune, we have the inventory, the staff and the know-how to realise it.

Boardroom Projector Hire

We supply projectors for all boardroom situations. We also have a range of projectors that will fit in confined spaces allowing you more than enough space to present your vision.

Conference Projector Hire

For larger events including conferences, conventions and gala events, we have a vast range of projector and screen combinations to suit any venue and situation.

Ultra wide projection

If you are looking for that 'WOW' factor we can custom implement a multi-projector blend system to create that ultra wide look with amazing effects.